The Power of No and Negativity

‘No’ is truly a powerful word – far more than ‘Yes’.

‘Yes’ opens doors, begins grand plans, inspires and encourages; ‘Yes’ incites others to creativity, opportunity, and positivity; ‘No’ shuts the door to it all.

‘Yes’ has begun every grand project or endeavor that man has ever completed; ‘No’ has ended many long before they’d seen the light of day.

A single No is louder than the loudest shout; a lone No can close the door on the most logical and persuasive reasonings, and cause even an optimistic person despair.

No can start wars, turn friends into enemies, end businesses. ‘No’ can abort projects before they get started, and make the most careful plans fall apart utterly.

No can be like graffitti, a defacing of the positive, and a desecration of the good and upbuilding. Likewise, ‘No’ obscures and hides, and disfigures all that has been created.

The power of No is why some choose it over Yes. The ease of saying No allows those without ambition and talent to exert power over those with both.

No is a powerful word – but the power is ultimately with the word itself, not the one who utters it.

For those that use No are destined to never move forward, never gain, never excel, never succeed.

They close doors they are unable to open. While removing opportunities for others, they do so for themselves as well.

In the end, the power of No is in reducing the glories, and tearing them down to the mere mundane – for all.

Such is the power of No.

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