So Why REALLY Have a Blog?

I’ve talked in the past about blogging, and how it benefits your business (and I’ve also talked about personal blogging, and how it’s not good for your business).

But still I hear questions – why really is it good? What’s so special about it? And how does it benefit?

So to answer, here’s one really big reason blogs are good for business:


Look at any website, and ask yourself why you visit. Information. Content. A blog is just another form of it.

Checking out prices? Content. Wondering about that rash? Medical site – and more content. Reading a joke? Still more content. And a blog is just another type of it.

But a blog does benefit you in ways that other website content doesn’t:

  • A blog makes it easy to publish content – much easier than for the usual web pages.
  • A blog handles all the messy details – indexing your page, adding it to your site’s search engine, setting up your formatting, etc.
  • A blog helps get your message out – it automatically notifies everyone when an article is ready, and gets you search engine attention that would take longer otherwise.
  • A blog encourages you to write daily – after all, if you set a goal of seven pages of useful content (non-blog) to your site a week, how often would you reach it?
  • A blog, by its format, makes it easier to write smaller, more informal articles.
  • A blog puts you in control – when set up, you rarely have to fiddle with a blog (although you can tinker if you wish). Few parts of a website are that easy to manage.
  • A blog gets YOU known. Blog readers expect a personal tone, and if you’re in the business of selling ‘you’, it’s easier to do that in a blog format than with individual web pages.
  • A blog saves you money. Check out the cost of paying someone to upload a page a day to your site (format the html, link in with your other pages, etc.), or imagine paying yourself to do the same thing. Now compare that to pressing the ‘publish’ button.

For years, I’ve wanted to add content to my sites – and never quite got around to it. With blogs, I’m adding to them faster – and getting noticed faster – than ever before.

So call it something else, hide all references to the word ‘blog’ on your site, do whatever you feel necessary – but blogs are of tremendous importance, and I believe can be a ‘secret weapon’ to any business.

One thought on “So Why REALLY Have a Blog?

  1. Though I haven’t been blogging much successfully.. but to be honest, what I learned from blogging is Content is King, Custom Looking Template is sure the Queen ! Your Unique Looks (Template & Logo) makes your blog seperate, different and memorable plus brandable. Then it comes to your content, depending how well and good you provide content. Visitors stay or leave ! :)