Should You Hire a Copywriter?

You’ve got a great product – but you still need to sell it. So you need a copywriter – or do you?

Make no mistake – someone who can take a product and bring out the best of it is worth his (or her) weight in gold. Making a merely useful product into something highly desirable and coveted is a talent, and that talent that can make money for everyone.


Having said that, budgets can be tight when starting out – so what can you do?

First, analyze the costs. If you can acquire the services of a good copywriter at a price that means you profit, consider doing so. If you’re really serious about it, consider alternate ways of paying (such in products, or commission).

But if you cannot afford it, then you’ll have to go it alone. This isn’t necessarily bad, just more work.
Read ads. Try to figure out what works for you. Then repeat it in your own words. Remember that benefits sell, not features. A microwave cooks faster than a stove (a feature), but relate it to life to get a benefit – it means YOU will spend less time in the kitchen.

The subject of copywriting is huge – but you can download this excellent guide that will help you along. It’s very good, and of course free – so read it and see if it helps you with your ads.

And of course, feel free to email me – I’m always ready to write at the drop of a hat!

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