Blogs + Niches + SEO + WordPress = !

Blogs are hot.


And people are using blogs to succeed more than ever – to get personal recognition, to promote business ventures or product- or even to make ‘passive income’ through affiliate sales or advertising (like Google AdSense).

I’ve been writing my Top 10 Tricks books to discuss WordPress and it’s many uses – but they focus on one subject at a time, and only scratch the surface of what that program can do to get your message out there.

So I’ve started a members site – where you can get the tips and tricks I use in other areas to get WordPress doing new and interesting things:

You can download a sample issue to see what it’s about – and of course visit the site to sign up.

Enough said – drop by and see. Even if you don’t join, you can sign up for a free weekly ‘Tips and Tricks’ email that will get you thinking about how to blog right.

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