Top 10 Tricks to Conquer Your Niche With WordPress – 2007 Edition!

The latest report is ready – and while the report hasn’t changed too much from 2006, the addons are incredible!

As you may know, I offered a few WordPress makeovers not too long ago – it was a chance to see how others used their blogs, and provided me with a ‘wish list’ of what everyone wants AND needs for their blogs.

The result – the ABTheme for WordPress, which now accompanies the new ‘Top 10 Tricks To Conquer Your Niche With WordPress‘ Guide.

If you’ve heard of the Semiologic theme, then you know what a good WordPress design can do for you and your business – but if you haven’t, here’s a taste of the features in the ABTheme:

  • The ‘Top 10 Tricks’ report’s techniques are included – including new features for 2007, like enhanced metatags (default tags so you don’t have to enter them for every posting), on/off titles (so you CAN display your blog title if you wish!) and built in AutoPosting – so you don’t need to modify WordPress anymore!
  • The theme includes a brand new technique – movable blocks. The article list, search box, category list, calendar and many other WordPress components are all movable – rearrange their order, split them across columns (2 AND 3 columns supported), and place the article text in ANY column without a SEO penalty. Once you see this in action, you won’t want to use another WordPress theme – ever!
  • Not only rearrange components, but add your own – easily paste in HTML (OR PHP!) and position it where you want in any column – perfect for ‘do it yourself’ email forms!
  • I’ve fixed the ‘navigation bar problem’ – how to display just the pages you want on the top navigation bar (or the footer one) without editing PHP. Display links to the pages you want (and ONLY the ones you want) – in the order you want!
  • Easy copy and paste – no more mind numbing settings. Now just get a design you like, and transfer it to a new blog with a single copy and paste!
  • Easier to use Adsense (or any other ad) display code, making it easy to embed ads right alongside your articles (and make sure you don’t violate Google’s rules by having too many displayed!)
  • And of course, my usual ‘use it on all your blogs’ license!

The goal is a theme that anyone can use – and you don’t have to hire a programmer to edit. I know you’ll find it a great way to manage your sites – flexible and powerful, yet Search Engine Friendly!

So check out Top 10 Tricks To Conquer Your Niche With WordPress today!

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