Internet Marketing, Credibility and the ‘Oops’ Factor In Emails

I just received an email, in which another market apologized for not sending me the proper link to the video I need to see – but don’t worry, it’s in THIS email.

Or was it the sales page?

Or the free report?

The fact is, ‘oops’ is getting to be a big sales technique out there – and it needs to stop.

I have on occasion emailed people and forgot to get everything right – but I try hard to avoid it.

And it’s easy to avoid by simply sending a test email and checking it over.

So I’m left to believe this technique is for one reason only – to get people opening the emails.

One email might get missed – but two, no sirree.

However, when I get an email like this, I think one of two things (or both):

  • The sender was honest, and really made a mistake, which makes me wonder about the quality of what he’s promoting.
  • The sender is dishonest, and deliberately doing this – then I want nothing to do with this technique (or the marketer).

True, I won’t unsubscribe over this, but I will be watching him in the future. And I DO NOT follow the link.

So marketers, check your emails in advance – it’s possible you may not get more emails opened this way, but your recipients won’t feel scammed.

Of course, I may be a demographic of one – but I don’t think so. And that’s where YOU come in – comment and voice your opinion below, pro or con.

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