When I first went out looking for web hosting (back in the mid-90s), I grabbed the first provider that was cheap enough. Locally owned, he ran his place downtown, and looked perfectly fine.

…Until he went bankrupt, taking my advance payment for the year and leaving me scrambling for hosting.

Now, I work smarter – I check reviews, see what people say (both pro AND con) on a provider, and weigh the benefits (and not just on cost – I’ve been burned on that before).

So naturally I was delighted to get an advance sneak preview of a new rating website,

It’s a site dedicated to reviewing Web Hosts and Providers, so you don’t have to do all the digging I once had to.

Although there are sites already out there, this one stands out with a generous helping of information articles on web hosting topics. For example, I was reading one of the web hosting tutorials that dealt with bad hosting ‘neighbors’ and how they can affect your site’s performance (many servers share the same resources between members, so one resource hog can slow everyone down). Few articles mention this at a beginner level, so I was impressed by that.

Overall, just the article section alone (which is live at this time) is worth a drop by, especially for beginners with questions about Web Hosting, particularly inexpensive plans. When the full site goes live, you can also check out the hosting reviews, and be better informed.

Ultimately, price is only one factor when you shop for a plan. As I found out many moons ago, low price can easily become high price if the host goes out of business. So I’d recommend everyone (and especially beginners) take a look at and get a well-rounded look at what makes a good host – one they’ll be delighted to stay with for years to come.

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