Do You Google? Quick Power Tips For That Search Box

Despite what you may personally feel about Google, they are everywhere it seems – and if you’re using a non-Microsoft browser (hint – IE) then you likely have a Google search box handy at all times. Great for searching – and more.

While doing research for a future topic I came across an explanation of Google searches – not the advanced features, but the alternate features. For instance:

  • You can use it as an Internet calculator. Skip digging out the calculator for simple calculations, and even biggies like “sqr(-5)-sqr(6)” (it handles functions like square root, logarithms, and sine).
  • You can use it instead of sticking your head out a window – just ask “weather winnipeg manitoba”
  • You can use it for a bank – at least the currency converting – for example, “2.25 canadian dollar in us dollar”
  • You can have it replace your dictionary, teacher, or resident Smart Person: “define bedellus”
  • You can use it for cooking. Ask weights and measure questions like “tablespoon / teaspoon” which tells me there are three teaspoons in a tablespoon. Or “how many quarts in gallon” to get 4.

Although I knew some of these tips, over time I had forgotten them, and so I was delighted to see what I could do again.

Give the page a quick look, and practice a few of the more interesting ones – and let “Mother Google” do all the hard work for you…

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