The Wrestler, ­ Mickey Rourke, And The Art of Re-Branding

Everyone loves a good comeback story. We get caught up in the idea of the ‘little guy’ overcoming the odds and finally achieving the success he deserves. And why not? These days it’s probably fair to say that most of us are facing a number of difficult challenges on the path to our goals – not the least of which is a bad economy. Success is playing elusive. And we’re left with the choice. ­ Do I throw in the towel? (Allusion intended) Or do I try going another round?

Mickey Rourke (currently staring in The Wrester) truly epitomizes the character he portrays. Down and out ­ a lot of people had written him off as a loss. But along comes the perfect script. That, coupled with the strength of his convictions, and Mickey Rourke is now back on top, as we witnessed at the Golden Globes this week. Despite strong performances from the other nominees (Leonardo DiCaprio, Frank Langella, Brad Pitt, and Sean Penn), it was Mickey Rourke who took home the Globe.

What does it take to make it through our trials and make a success of our business endeavors? Well, it would play false to give a simple pat answer. We all know a number of the basic principles. But one thing remains true ­ we get nowhere if we give up.

So take a lesson from Rourke and his alter ego The Wrestler – and be your own comeback story. Reassess your options, find your passions, play to your strengths and get back out there!

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