Clean Designs = Simple Solutions

I know the title is somewhat cryptic, but I’m talking about the benefits of quality design for a reason – and it starts with my bathroom sink.

My sink is the usual hard plastic bowl dropped into a particleboard/melamine counter. Cheap, ugly, and a maintenance nightmare (the edge where the two meet always accumulates dirt and moisture), these types of sinks serve no one, except the builder who put them in cheap and fast.

Now look at what a little bit of design can do – I found a web page on glass bowl sinks (officially called “Glass Vessel Sinks“). Now imagine that in a bathroom – much more stylish, less maintenance (no edge for water to get trapped in), and from what I can tell, priced competitively (they have a bowl at only $29.00, which I think is the same price point as an ordinary sink).

Looking at their products, it’s obvious you can get a nice design for the same price as a bad one. It works better, looks better, and frankly, makes you feel better looking at it. THAT is the benefit of good design…

…and what everyone should be striving for – after all, our bathrooms depend on it.

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